Halliburton Energy Services

"A well used tool we utilize to drive us to success implementing new systems and process's in our business"

-Larry Lemarie

Sales Manager

Piccadilly Cafeterias

"It hits the responsible party right between the eyes"

-Ronnie LaBorde



"This concept enhanced our peoples commitment to our top quality products and services"

-Paul McIlhenny

Executive V.P.

Cohesive Network Systems

"Helps our people excel in the relationships that drive our highly technical business"

-Alan Reed

President-Gulf Coast Division

Transcoastal Marine

"Our Company's strength is its people and now we have an additional competitive edge"

-Belton Fox, Jr.

President-Red Fox Division


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Our world is changing rapidly. Individuals and companies are struggling to get ahead and stay ahead. People are grappling with adversity on all fronts. Positions that were once secure are no longer secure. Companies are fighting to stay in business. There is much downsizing, restructing and trauma. And it is a safe bet that the future will continue to challenge us.

This quite naturally leads to the question, "How can we cope with the changes?" Or, better yet, "How can we gain an advantage?"

Over fifteen years in the making, Split Second Choice is about taking control of the most fundamental component of human nature: our attitude. Thousands of people have heard Jim Winner teach these concepts. The Sales Directors of Mary Kay Cosmetics gave him a standing ovation. Here is your opportunity to understand these powerful concepts.

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